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There are five element to the Practical Driving Test.

1. You will be asked to read a number plate from a maximum of 20.5 metres.

2. You will be asked two safety questions, which are often referred to as “show me, tell me”. One question will require you to show the examiner how you complete a vehicle safety check, and the other question, you will explain how a check will be completed.

3. Your general driving ability will be assessed.

4. You will perform one reversing manoeuvre, and a simulated emergency stop.

5. There will be a brief period of independent driving. You will be given a set of instructions prior to this section, for example a picture of a route, with guidance to follow road signs. You will be informed by the examiner when this period is concluded. 

Practical driving test examiner

The practical driving test

Will last approximately 40 minutes, or if you are taking an extended test due to having been banned previously, the test is approximately 70 minutes.


On arrival

At the test centre with your driving instructor, you will wait in the test centre to be called by the examiner. Both parts of your provisional licence will be checked, along with your theory test pass letter, and the paperwork for the instructor’s car will be checked and signed off.



The examiner will then ask you if you would like your driving instructor to accompany you on your driving test. This is at your discretion and is not a requirement. Your instructor cannot play any part in advising you or guiding you on your test. 


Eyesight test and safety questions

You will then then go to the car, and complete the eyesight test and safety questions, then the test of your driving ability will begin. 


Drive the way you have been taught

All that remains is for you to drive the way you have been taught by your instructor, taking appropriate decisions based on the road, weather, and traffic conditions on the day. 


Listen carefully

Listen carefully to the instructions of the examiner, and if you misinterpret or misunderstand an instruction, don’t panic. As long as you maintain your safety, and that of other road users, the examiner will get you back on track. Misinterpreting an instruction is not an automatic fail, but panicking and making a quick, ill-thought decision in response, could be. Stay calm, keep taking effective observations, read the road and give appropriate signals. If you do this, you should be on course for a solid pass.

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 When you return to the test centre, the examiner will ask you to drive into a parking bay. If you have not completed the reversing manoeuvre while on the drive, this will be your reversing manoeuvre. Otherwise, if you have completed the reversing manoeuvre, the examiner will advise you to drive forward into the parking bay. You will then be given a debrief of the test, and the test result by the examiner. Your instructor may be called to be present at the debrief, if you have not requested them to accompany you on test, but this is at your discretion. You will be issued with a paper copy of the test result, and guidance on what to do next


Avoid Disappointment

Please ensure that you check your instructor’s availability with the office, or with your instructor before booking, in order to avoid disappointment and having to reschedule. The tuition vehicle may not be available at the time you want to book. If your instructor feels that you are not yet driving to the appropriate standard, SafeRoads Learner Driver Training reserves the right to withhold the use of the tuition vehicle for the practical driving test.


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