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Why choose SafeRoads Learner Driver Training driving school?

SafeRoads Learner Driver Training (LDT) is a newly established Driving School which offers Driving Lessons in the Bangor, North Down, and Ards Peninsula area.

We are a Driving School that is committed to teaching you to drive for life, not just to pass a driving test.

Your SafeRoads Learner Driver Training Driving Instructor is committed to making sure that by the time you get to the day of your driving test, that nerves aside, you are a confident and competent driver who has the knowledge, skill and experience to deal with any situation that the road may throw at you. How can we do that? By ensuring that your Driving Instructor is not teaching you to pass your driving test, but rather they are getting you ready for the road.


Why choose us? Because we are your local, independent, caring, and professional driving school, which is committed to providing you with the skills you need for the day after your driving test


SafeRoads Learner Driver Training; a dyslexia friendly driving school offering person-centred driving tuition, tailored to suit your style of learning, with full, free theory test support

Pass Your Driving Test With Confidence

One-size driving courses for all don’t work! Your SafeRoads Learner Driver Training Driving Instructor will personalise each driving course to match the individual needs of the customer.

Our aim: for you to pass your driving test with confidence and for you to be ready for the road!

If you are looking for manual driving lessons, then get in touch with our driving school today to book your lessons.

Better Drivers, Safer Roads

At SafeRoads Learner Driver Training, we’re passionate about road safety. We work to the highest standards, and are continually seeking ways to improve our skills and knowledge, so that you’re getting the best learner driver experience possible. A driving test is only a snapshot of how you drive on a particular day. We work hard, giving you the benefit of our experience, knowledge and skill, to equip you to drive safely, and confidently for the rest of your life, not for a snapshot moment.

Learning to drive is pricey these days, but we need to think about what we’re getting for our money. At SafeRoads Learner Driver Training we’re teaching you a ‘life’ skill that can benefit you in so many ways and for the rest of your life, whether that’s for work, education, family or for pleasure. We won’t prolong your learning journey, and you will not pay for any more lessons than you need; when you’re ready for your test, we’ll be among the first to encourage you to get it booked, but we won’t compromise your safety, or anyone else’s for that matter.

In 2018 There were 9737 casualties on Northern Ireland roads (http://www.roadsafeni.com/), fifty five of which were fatal. Eight of those were drivers and passengers between 16-24. (https://www.psni.police.uk/globalassets/inside-the-psni/our-statistics/road-traffic-collision-statistics/2018/2018-road-traffic-fatalities-provisional-report.xlsx).

If we don’t think about the possibility off what can happen, and how we can avoid it, we might be faced with the reality.

When you pass your driving test with SafeRoads Learner Driver Training, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skill to make our roads safer, thereby reducing the potential for serious incidents or fatalities.


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Block of 5: £95

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 Free online theory support


Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation all prices may be subject to change and offers may be withdrawn without notice on the website. Please get in touch for up to date lesson prices

25% Off

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